About QRF

Christopher Phillips

Founder and Chair, Board of Directors, QRF

US Army

NXP N2 Manufacturing Supervisor, Chandler, Arizona

I served as an Infantryman in the Army for 11 years where I completed four combat tours overseas, two to Afghanistan and two to Iraq. In 2019, a Team Member I mentored took his own life after he served in the Army. When he took his own life it brought back tons of memories of fallen comrades that had made it through incredibly tough situations while in the military, but committed suicide after their service: 15 soldiers to the left and right of my formations. I just thought that was crazy. Our friends said it was the 4-17 curse.

I was medically retired in 2015, just after I made SSG and thought I had my whole career planned out. I finished Pre-Ranger School and was scheduled to go to Ranger in the July or August timeframe. I was getting my Squad ready and collapsed out of nowhere. From there I went to the ER and no one knew what really happened. I started wearing a heart monitor and after three days with it on, I reported to a Cardiologist. Little did I know my life was going to completely change. I was told I had to get a Pacemaker since my heart was randomly stopping for 3-5 seconds (AV Block).

Within 3 months I was forced to retire. I had very little direction and very little support.

By September I was at my worst state of drinking liquor and taking whatever the VA wanted to give me for pills (mainly sleeping and antidepressants). One night I got into my own head and decided to try and take my own life. Next thing you know I had a night terror that woke my friend up in the other room and when he saw the empty pill bottle he went into action by making me throw everything up. I thank God that his wife was a RN to give him steps on everything to do and there was a medic down the road to give me some IV fluids.

And out of this very near tragedy, Quality Resilience Fitness was born. So for me, QRF is very personal and is one of the most important things in my life. Fitness and community are two of the primary reasons I am no longer in that mindset any longer and I hope to help as many veterans as possible reclaim their mental and physical health.

"We are a veteran owned gym. Kurt served four years in the Army and was deployed to Iraq after the 9/11 attacks in 2001. He has seen and experienced the impact that serving our country has on our soldiers. Several of our members are also veterans and some are still active. Helping our heroes is something that is very meaningful to us and our community. We want to show our support in any way we can. “It takes a village…”

CrossFit Raidho, affiliate

"I want to support QRF because of my deep gratitude to those who stand on a wall and protect us. I feel those people should get all of our admiration and support, yet they are often pushed to the back and forgotten. Our former military members endure such horrible experiences so that we don’t have to and it breaks my heart to see them suffer when they come home. If I can do a small thing, such as supporting QRF, I will."

Rhonda Guerra, Mother of a veteran

"So it started out when I signed up for an event on Memorial Day hosted by QRF in Phoenix. I was able to meet Chris and discuss what this organization was all about. From there, I was hooked. I’ve lost many friends to suicide and I’ve noticed one commong thing: their fitness was declined. You guys are one of the few organizations that understands the importance of fitness in the veteran community, so that’s why you’ll always have my support. For me, I just got let go from my job at the police department but knowing that I have an organization like you guys backing people like me is making this rough patch better. I’m happy to see you grow and can’t wait to see what the future holds."

Kevin Crewse-Pinedo, Veteran

"QRF gave me the ability to work out with like-minded people and use actual equipment, rather than roughing it in my garage. I made lots of friends, lots of gains, and competed in three competitions where I had lots of fun."

Mitch, Veteran

"I just won’t ever forget how sad you were that day at Crossfit when your friend committed suicide. I remember we encouraged you to pursue what you were thinking was needing to be done to help veterans as well as raise suicide awareness. That day, we promised we would support you. So here we are, still supporting you and believing in your organization. I know one day if my boys need you that you would be there for them in a heartbeat. I also know how very real the suicide is in active duty as well. Sadly, both boys have had to be a part of all that with their guys. I know at the end of the day, if you help and save one veteran then all your hard work is worth it. I love that your team has expanded and I’m looking forward to the great things that will be happening."

Francine, Mother of two active duty soldiers

"Thanks to QRF, my life has genuinely transformed for the better. Their unwavering support has given me the tools necessary to overcome adversity and reclaim my purpose by competing in strongman. QRF recognizes the importance of rebuilding one’s life after the military and the struggles that come with it. After being injured in Afghanistan I would have never thought to be competitive in strength sports. I stand as a testament to the profound impact that QRF has on the lives of veterans, and I remain eternally grateful for the opportunities they have provided me."

Austin, Veteran